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Cempasúchil is an album of 8 original compositions that try to musically represent the transition of our loved ones, that moment when life and death meet, creating a countless number of emotions, sensations, memories and absences, which although at first are inexplicable, over time they transform into a grief that in the end we accept in order to continue with our lives on this existential plane.

Fer González transforms this complex life process into music.

The compositions are oriented towards a sound that fuses the Jalisciense musical tradition (Mariachi, SonJalisciense, etc.) with Jazz improvisation.

The Cempasúchil serves as a spiritual guide and evokes the Mexican tradition that worships death every November 2 and at the same time represents the depth of our Mexican roots.

This music healed my soul and I made it from the bottom of my heart to my Father, my Grandfather and my Grandmother, whom I love very much, wherever they are.


releases November 18, 2023

Fer González - Guitar - Composition
Vico Diaz - Leona
Gustavo Nandayapa – Drums
Alex Mercado – Piano (Track 1)

Homero Glez S. - Editing, Mixing and Master
Isaí Araujo - Recording Engineer
Recorded in Studio 13 CDMX
Produced by Fer González

"Made with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the State of Jalisco"
Proyecta Productions 2022

all rights reserved


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