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“This Cat is Dealing” 

-Dan Wilson

''Fer González, is an outstanding guitarist and composer from Guadalajara''
-Francisco Lelo de Larrea

''Excellent guitar player from Mexico!! He is a master of the instrument and navigates various periods of jazz with precision and mastery."
-Tom Kessler

''A guitarist with enough knowledge and instinct to surprise us''
-Albert Vila

''His Talent and hunger for knowledge will give a new voice to the Mexican guitar''
-Vico Diaz

"You sounded good man! your sound is good! it's a very hard tune to phrase on and play pretty shit! very nice recording! excellent Giant Steps! a very difficult tune...."
-Peter Bernstein

''What you are doing is good! , because you are finding examples of these things (that sound great) as played by master spontaneous composers in the past''
-Steve Coleman

''Young Master from Jalisco''
-Antonio Malacara

“A Great Musician who feels Music at deep levels and who has a desire to express it through new compositions”
-Alex Mercado

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